The crack team at Hark! launched our browser plugin the other day at TechCrunch50, though to seemingly mixed reviews. This is a project I spent more than two years working on as CEO and co-founder, and one I’m still involved in as a board member, and it’s a service I strongly believe will change how we use the Web. Some of the people who’ve taken a cursory glance at Hark! see only a privacy issue, but to me that’s a straw man: everything from Facebook to iPhone apps like FourSquare and games like Parallel Kingdom are changing how we think about what’s private and what’s not. As my co-co-founder Jerry Paffendorf puts it on his 7 Billion Friends blog, Hark! creates “an entirely new experience of being online live with other people.” As Jerry points out, this will branch out into many powerful and unforeseen places both on the Web and off. Sign up for the service and see for yourself. And add me as a friend when you get there. I look forward to bumping into you on the Web.