I chose The Last Weblog as the name of this blog because I’d like it to be just that: the last Weblog I set up for the somewhat personal, somewhat professional ruminations that are too long for my Twitter feed but don’t really have another place to go. The question now is whether one last Weblog is enough, or whether I need to supplement things with something like a Tumblr site (which I’ve been doing as well). What exactly is the optimum state of my blogosphere anyway?

I have run a small handful of blogs over the last seven or eight years, including GulfReporter (now extinct, archives lost), which covered my trips to the Arab gulf; BoyReporter, an archive of my magazine and newspaper articles which I’ve torn down and am now slowly rebuilding; Walkerings, my thoughts on gaming and virtual worlds from a certain period (which isn’t live at the moment, but which I’m working to restore); and perhaps most notably 3pointD.com, where I covered developments in virtual worlds, massively multiplayer online games, and the rest of the metaverse. 3pointD gained a very healthy readership, brought in some cash, and launched me into two years running a startup (during which I didn’t blog much at all, though I did a lot of Twittering). Now that the startup adventure is changing shape, I’m back to broadcasting my thoughts (on a variety of subjects) a bit more often, and (especially since starting a Tumblr blog as well) find myself faced with the dilemma of what exactly is the right channel (or channels) for all this.

I want this end-blog to be a catch-all; I don’t want to have to start another site if I add or change an area of focus. For that reason, 3pointD seems like not the right place (although I may yet leverave the many people still subscribed to its RSS feed to drive traffic here). I’m not entirely sure of the value of a Tumblr blog, aside from the fact that it’s easy to post to. I suppose it’s a good thing to have if you are generating a great deal of content; one stream carries one kind of thought (longer thoughts here, obviously), and the Tumblr stream carries links that just get fired off. Something about that doesn’t sit right, though: the last few links I put on my Tumblr blog were about just what I’m interested in these days: location-aware services and games. These should probably just go directly to Twitter (where they end up anyway). Tumblr is perhaps better for things like photographs (which of course I keep on Flickr), videos, etc.: things that don’t require a link out to yet another site.

I’m sure it will all settle down with time. But if anyone out there has any related experience or thoughts, bring it on.