dragon scrounge game Hoard

image kindly stolen from rockpapershotgun.com

I spent some time with the single-player demo of new dragon-based scrounge-’em-up Hoard a few days ago. It was fairly good fun and an interesting concept: you get ahead not by destroying your opponents, but by collecting more loot than anyone else — which of course entails destroying your opponents as you battle for the best piles of gold. But I like that the mechanic is not directly about roasting your fellow dragoneers — you could imagine a round of Hoard in which no PvP combat took place at all. It would be no less competitive for it, though maybe a bit less fun. Unfortunately, Hoard looks to be a bit thin beyond the basics, which is too bad, as I see a deep vein to be mined here.

I’m interested in systems like these because the game I’m working on is based on a similar mechanic. Winning is not a matter of killing more enemies, conquering more territory, or being the last man standing. Instead, it’s a matter of accumulating a larger portion of the map’s finite resources before the end of the round.

As mentioned, this will of course entail grim battling and digi-death. I’m not at all trying to do away with that. But I see some really interesting possibilities in a competition for resources rather than a straight match-up of who’s mightier on the battlefield.

Of course, nearly all games revolve around limited resources in one way or another. Eve Online has resource limitations woven deeply into its gameplay, in many ways. But there seem to be few games that make themselves explicitly and directly about collecting more stuff than the next guy. Of course, there’s probably some whole genre that I once knew about but just can’t bring to mind at the moment, so help me out: If you can think of some, I’d love to hear about them below.