It’s a bit brilliant that online anime-styled MMO AdventureQuest (from @ArtixKrieger) now punishes players for dying by making them watch a 9-second advertisement. From the press release:

…players of the popular AdventureQuest Worlds MMORPG are being punished for dying in-game by being forced to see an advertisement for nine seconds before being allowed to return to life.

Previously, AdventureQuest Worlds players who died in-game would be faced with a grayed out screen showing their character on the ground and a nine second countdown before they could return back to life. With this new change, when a player dies, Death makes a personal appearance on the player’s screen and says a witty line while showing a static ad of an Artix Entertainment-related game or item.

“For years our players scoffed at how there was no real punishment for dying in AQWorlds,” said Adam Bohn, CEO/Founder of Artix Entertainment, LLC. “So we added a fate worse than death… ads!”

Already, AdventureQuest players are up in arms — singing exactly the tune Artix no doubt wants them to: “now when i die im threatened with ads…i rather pay 100 gold NOT to have ads when i die

Will it work? Who knows? But it’s the most amusingly innovative instance of in-game advertising I’ve seen in some time, and exceedingly fitting, if you ask me. Great incentive to level up your game.