For some reason, I’ve started a blog over at Quora. Back to Analog will (probably) look at what I refer to in my first post as the Return to Substance: the current trend toward the tactile and physical, toward the substantive and meaningful, that I see going on all over the place these days. Not a rejection of technology, but a more reasonable relationship to it. Go check it out and let me know what you think.

I do like the blogging interface over there, it’s super-smooth. And I can’t find it now, but on the page where they urge you to start your own blog there, they have some great assertions about how easy you’ll find it to immediately garner a huge and productive audience. Which at this point in the history of the Internet, no matter how cool your Q&A site, is a laughable thing to say.

In any case, I’m already up to five posts: