dragon scrounge game Hoard

image kindly stolen from rockpapershotgun.com

I spent some time with the single-player demo of new dragon-based scrounge-’em-up Hoard a few days ago. It was fairly good fun and an interesting concept: you get ahead not by destroying your opponents, but by collecting more loot than anyone else — which of course entails destroying your opponents as you battle for the best piles of gold. But I like that the mechanic is not directly about roasting your fellow dragoneers — you could imagine a round of Hoard in which no PvP combat took place at all. It would be no less competitive for it, though maybe a bit less fun. Unfortunately, Hoard looks to be a bit thin beyond the basics, which is too bad, as I see a deep vein to be mined here.

I’m interested in systems like these because the game I’m working on is based on a similar mechanic. Winning is not a matter of killing more enemies, conquering more territory, or being the last man standing. Instead, it’s a matter of accumulating a larger portion of the map’s finite resources before the end of the round. Continue reading