Civilization Tech Tree

Civ I Tech Tree (borrowed w/o permission from Nethog's Games Page, linked)

(Bigger image) I’ve been looking into the matter of tech trees and talent trees lately as I hammer out the details of the system I want to use in my own game, and I was going to write a long post all about their points and purposes (and how there’s not much like this out there on the Internets), but then I found this smart post from Peter Harkins (whom I don’t actually know). It doesn’t quite do what I’m looking for, but it comes close, by taking a stab at explaining “The Purpose of Technology Trees.”

As Peter has it, there are four main functions:

  • linearly organize options over time
  • act as gates on content consumption
  • increase the power scale of players
  • act as a resource sink for high-level players

I’d add to and perhaps slightly modify this. As below: Continue reading